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CUSCO Safety 21 Roll Cage 6 Point 2 Seats Through Dash Honda

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CUSCO Safety 21 Roll Cage 6 Point 2 Seats Through Dash Honda

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Brand: CUSCO
Product: Safety 21 Roll Cage 6 Point 2 Seats Through Dash Honda
Part Num: 320 290 E20 (DC2)
Part Num: 322 290 E20 (DC5)
Part Num: 381 290 E20 (AP1, AP2)
Part Num: 315 290 E20 (EG6)
Part Num: 311 290 E20 (EK4, EK9)

Lead time: 4 weeks
USE: Wide range of roll bars available for wide range of cars, applicable from street to competition use.
- For Street use CUSCO recommend the Chromoly CUSCO Roll Bar, it is 33% lighter than conventional steel cages.

Performance: Careful attention to details for lightness and high rigidity, bolt in high rigidity design mounts positioned carefully and strategically for maximum vehicle rigidity and performance.
- With Special designed high rigidity mounts and super light weight joints used, the chassis rigidity and safety is improved drammatically by strategically placing them at a bolt-on point at or nera the suspension mounts or where the chassis rigidity is strongest for maximum effect and performance.

Material: Cold drawm seemless carbon steel.
Shaft: Oval Section.
Bars diameter: 40.0mm.
Bars thickness: 2.0mm.
Mount plate size/thickness: over 60cm2/2.6mm.
Reinforce plate size/thickness: over 120cm2/3.2mm.
Type: Through Dashboard Type
Cage weight: 24.0Kg (average).

2 Seats Section Roll Cage will not allow for any rear seat passengers.

- DC2: Type-R, Not Sunroof.
- DC5: Type-R, Not Sunroof.
- EG6: Not Sunroof.
- EK4, EK9: Not Sunroof.
- AP1: Move the spare tire required.
- AP2: Remove the spare tire required.
Honda Civic EG6 (7/91-8/95) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic EK4 (Zenki - 9/95-9/98) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic EK4 (Kouki - 9/98-8/00) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic Type-R EK9 (Zenki - 8/97-9/98) Eng: B16B
Honda Civic Type-R EK9 (Kouki - 9/98-8/00) Eng: B16B
Honda Integra DC2 (Zenki - 5/93-9/95) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DC2 (Kouki - 9/95-7/01) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DC5 (Zenki - 7/01-9/04) Eng: K20A
Honda Integra DC5 (Kouki - 9/04-7/06) Eng: K20A
Honda S2000 AP1 (Zenki - 4/99-9/03) Eng: F20C
Honda S2000 AP1 (Kouki - 9/03-11/05) Eng: F20C
Honda S2000 AP2 (11/05-6/09) Eng: F22C
The CUSCO Safety 21 Roll Cage 6 Point 2 Seats Through Dash Honda is composed of high quality steel using cold drawn seamless carbon steel. The size of these steel bars measure 40mm in diameter each. Cusco`s Safety 21 Roll Cage line-up covers more than over 300 different Japanese model vehicles. Cusco has been producing Roll Cages for over 20 years, through decades of experience these have become the best fitting out-of-the-box Roll Cages. -Included are all needed bolts, nuts, and mounting plates for installation. Shipping Prices can be seen once adding to the shopping cart. Some regions can not be catered to so please contact us before purchasing to check and confirm if it is possible. These items are specially made to order for you by Cusco. Please allow Cusco approximately 4 weeks to construct your Roll Cage. RHDJapan ships everyday and as soon as the item has been received and properly prepared for international shipping, we will have the item out. Upon purchasing please state the car from the compatibility list that you would like to have the CUSCO Roll Cage for. Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!!
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