JUN Auto 56224 JUN High Lift Camshaft Honda B16 B18

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The JUN High Lift Camshaft Honda B16 B18 is designed to optimize torque and horsepower over the widest possible power band. Each Camshaft application is offered in multiple profiles, each with their own lift & duration characteristics to suit various levels of tuning, please specify upon purchase which type of Camshaft you would like to have. This is for one (1) Camshaft, please add however many are needed to your shopping cart.

*Made To Order. Lead Time/Wait Time: 2 ~ 3 Months.

Upon purchasing please state the car from the compatibility list that you would like to have the JUN High Lift Camshaft for.

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Product Specs

Product: High Lift Camshaft Honda B16 B18
Part Num: 1004M-H001 (Type 1 IN)
Part Num: 1004M-H101 (Type 1 EX)
Part Num: 1004M-H002 (Type 2 IN)
Part Num: 1004M-H102 (Type 2 EX)
Part Num: 1004M-H003 (Type 3 IN)
Part Num: 1004M-H103 (Type 3 EX)

Discerning in Perfect Development Environment:
The cam profile which influences the performance of a Camshaft is the most important element in a Camshaft design. At JUN, the software only for cam profile designs is used, and the automatic design by the computer is performed. In order to test the cam shaft designed on the desk, the engine bench system of JUN which has combustion pressure measurement equipment is used. This system can analyze the state in a combustion room for every crankshaft angles. Various profiles can be tested.

The Profile Optimized According to the Type of Car:
Even if it says a Camshaft in a word, the profile form is various by the type of a car. Profile form is decided in consideration of the difference of valve motion method etc. (direct type, a locker arm type, strength of moving part, valve size, port and combustion room form). If depending on types of a car, a profile may be restricted by the wall in a head, lifter hole size, locker arm form, etc. At JUN, when developing a high Camshaft, the detailed data for each type of a car is taken, development is furthered simultaneously with a valve spring and retainer, and the optimal profile is determined.

The Main Point in a Development and a Design:
You have to raise 'filling efficiency', in order to obtain a high output. Being required of a cam is lengthening time which the valve's is opening. It is necessary to increase the amount of cam lifts in order to lengthen time which the valve is opening. The negative acceleration will become large if the amount of lifts is increased simply. The 'jumping phenomenon' in which a valve separates from a cam, and the 'bounce phenomenon' which is bounded when a valve contacts a valve sheet ring occur because when negative acceleration becomes large, the acceleration of a valve will exceed the acceleration of a cam. These phenomena not only spoil the performance of engine original but cause breakage of engine. The high Camshaft must realize the conflicting element with which 'extension of time which is opening the valve', and 'reduction of negative acceleration'.
JUN high Camshaft took positive acceleration large, and the action time of negative acceleration is keep a long time by shortening positive action time. By doing so, when a valve moves from opening operation to closing operation, a valve can move as smooth operation and can prevent jumping. Since positive acceleration becomes large at the side of close, the valve just before closing is added the strong brakes by the cam. The bounce phenomenon is prevented. The time near the maximum lift can be kept for a long time by opening a valve in a short time. Therefore, the good valve motion of efficiency is possible. The simulation and an experiment of the valve motion system are conducted based on such design theories, and a profile is determined. Here is the true performance for which a high lift Camshaft is asked.

Available Types:
- Type 1
- Type 2
- Type 3

- Type 1
- Type 2
- Type 3

- Intake -
- Duration: 60(240) (Type 1~3 common)
- Lift:

-- Type 1: 5.3
-- Type 2: 5.3
-- Type 3: 6.5

- Duration:
-- Type 1: 75(300)
-- Type 2: 75(300)
-- Type 3: 76(304)
- Lift:

-- Type 1: 10.9
-- Type 2: 12.0
-- Type 3: 12.0

- Duration:
-- Type 1: 64(256)
-- Type 2: 65(260)
-- Type 3: 63(252)
- Lift:

-- Type 1: 4.8
-- Type 2: 4.8
-- Type 3: 6.2

- Exhaust -
-- Type 1: 65(260)
-- Type 2: 63(252)
-- Type 3: 63(252)
- Lift:

-- Type 1: 8.0
-- Type 2: 8.0
-- Type 3: 8.7

- Duration:
-- Type 1: 75(300)
-- Type 2: 75(300)
-- Type 3: 76(304)
- Lift:

-- Type 1: 10.0
-- Type 2: 10.9
-- Type 3: 11.5

- Duration:
-- Type 1: 61(244)
-- Type 2: 61(244)
-- Type 3: 60(240)
- Lift:

-- Type 1: 4.8
-- Type 2: 4.8
-- Type 3: 6.2

Valve Clearance (cool conditions):
- Intake: 0.17
- Exhaust: 0.19

- The amount of lifts shows the cam lift.
- JUN Camshaft Kit which contains valve springs and valve retainers are available.
- Reinforced valve springs are required.
- CT9A: Exchange to JUN Valve Spring (Part Num 1009M-M002) or CN9A/CP9A valve spring is required.
- Evo VII-VIII: Intake side Camshaft is same as Evo IV~VI
- Evo IX: Exhaust side Camshaft is same as Evo VII-VIII
- Made To Order
- Lead Time/Wait Time: 2 ~ 3 Months

Compatibility Info

Honda Civic EG6 (7/91-8/95) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic EG9 (7/91-8/95) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic EF9 (Kouki - 9/89-7/91) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic EK4 (Zenki - 9/95-9/98) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic EK4 (Kouki - 9/98-8/00) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic Type-R EK9 (Zenki - 8/97-9/98) Eng: B16B
Honda Civic Type-R EK9 (Kouki - 9/98-8/00) Eng: B16B
Honda Civic Ferio EG9 (Zenki - 9/91-9/93) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic Ferio EG9 (Kouki - 9/93-9/95) Eng: B16A
Honda Civic Ferio Si EK4 (9/95-8/00) Eng: B16A
Honda CR-X EF8 (Kouki - 9/89-2/92) Eng: B16A
Honda CR-X delSol EG2 (Zenki - 3/92-10/95) Eng: B16A
Honda CR-X delSol EG2 (Kouki - 10/95-12/98) Eng: B16A
Honda Integra DA6 (4/89-10/92) Eng: B16A
Honda Integra DA8 (4/89-10/92) Eng: B16A
Honda Integra DB1 (10/91-10/92) Eng: B18B
Honda Integra DB7 (Zenki - 7/93-9/95) Eng: B18B
Honda Integra DB8 (Zenki - 7/93-9/95) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DB8 (Kouki - 9/95-7/01) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DC2 (Zenki - 5/93-9/95) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DC2 (Kouki - 9/95-7/01) Eng: B18C
Honda Orthia EL1 (Zenki - 2/96-1/97) Eng: B18B
Honda Orthia EL1 (Chuki - 2/97-1/98) Eng: B18B
Honda Orthia EL1 (Chuki - 2/98-5/99) Eng: B18B
Honda Orthia EL1 (Kouki - 6/99-1/02) Eng: B18B