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If you are a Hachiroku or Toyota Corolla AE86 fan then you must be familiar with the JDM tuning company J Blood. J-Blood is located in Nigata prefecture here in Japan and they are known for their crazy Carbon Fiber Body parts for the AE86. If you are looking for the lightest Hachiroku out there you must have J-Blood parts on your car! J-Blood is also known for their SFRP or Soft Fiber Reinforced P...READ MORElastic. This SFRP can bend in ways a Chinese Gymnast would be envious of!!
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  1. J-Blood Rear Under Spoiler Spats - AE86 Kouki Quick view
  2. J-BLOOD Carbon Fiber Bonnet Type 1 - Twill Weave AE86 Quick view
  3. J-BLOOD Carbon Headlight Retractable Cover Set - Trueno AE86 Quick view
  4. J-BLOOD Carbon FIber Bonnet Type 2 - Toyota AE86 Quick view
  5. J-BLOOD FRP Bonnet Type 2 - Toyota AE86 Quick view
  6. J-BLOOD Front Fenders - Toyota Levin AE86 Quick view
  7. J-BLOOD Rear Blister Fenders Toyota Levin Trueno AE86 Quick view
  8. J-BLOOD Front Blister Fenders Toyota Levin AE86 Quick view
  9. J-BLOOD Rear Hatch - Street FRP Toyota AE86 Quick view
  10. J-Blood Side Steps - Trueno Levin AE86 Quick view
  11. J-BLOOD Door Set - Carbon Fiber Toyota AE86 Quick view
Set Descending Direction

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