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RHDJapan : Spoon Sports Aluminum Radiator

Spoon Sports Aluminum Radiator

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  • Spoon Sports Aluminum Radiator
  • Spoon Sports Aluminum Radiator
  • Spoon Sports Aluminum Radiator

List Price: ¥108,000

Special Price ¥98,496

You Save: ¥9,504

Brand: Spoon Sports
Product: Aluminum Radiator
Part Num: 19010-AP1-010 : AP1, AP2
Part Num: 19010-DC2-010 : DC2, DB8
Part Num: 19010-DC5-010 : DC5
Part Num: 19010-EK9-010 : EG6, EK4, EK9
Part Num: 19010-FD2-010 : FD2
Part Num: 19010-CL7-010 : CL7

Material: Aluminum
Depth (mm): 35 (OEM 10)

- Spoon Radiator Cap Included.

- FD2: For Type-R Models.
- DB8, DC2, DC5: For Type-R Models.
Honda Civic Type-R FD2 (Chuki - 9/06-9/08) Eng: K20A
Honda Civic Type-R FD2 (Kouki - 9/08-8/10) Eng: K20A
Honda Civic Type-R FD2 (Zenki - 4/06-9/06) Eng: K20A
Honda Integra DB8 (Kouki - 9/95-7/01) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DB8 (Zenki - 7/93-9/95) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DC2 (Kouki - 9/95-7/01) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DC2 (Zenki - 5/93-9/95) Eng: B18C
Honda Integra DC5 (Kouki - 9/04-7/06) Eng: K20A
Honda Integra DC5 (Zenki - 7/01-9/04) Eng: K20A
Honda S2000 AP1 (Kouki - 9/03-11/05) Eng: F20C
Honda S2000 AP1 (Zenki - 4/99-9/03) Eng: F20C
Honda S2000 AP2 (11/05-6/09) Eng: F22C
The SPOON Aluminum Radiator works with both normal and air conditioned models. The radiator depth has been increased to 35mm providing better cooling and a smoother flow. A high capacity water pump is recommended, to fully utilize this upgrade, and a Spoon SEP Radiator hose is also highly recommended, as the increased pressure can cause the stock units to become dislodged, or even rupture in high performance situations. Upon purchasing please state the car from the compatibility list that you would like to have the SPOON Aluminum Radiator for. Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!!

Customer Reviews

Best Cooling Upgrade so far Review by troubleshooter

My 10 year old DC5 showed radiator leaks which caused me to overheat even during daily driving. I thought I'd give this a try to upgrade my old radiator to aluminum radiator from Spoon. It was the best decision I've ever made though it was pricey it really is doing its job since I've already tried this cooling upgrade on track and it was great the engine temperature maintained its normal level from the time I put this on together with the new water pump, Spoon Radiator hoses, Spoon Thermostat, and Spoon Fanswitch.

(Posted on 9/8/2016)

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