Swift/Tohatsu Springs 59885 SWIFT Racing Springs - ID65mm 7inch (178.0mm) 4k ~ 15k Spring Rates

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The SWIFT Racing Springs - ID65mm 7inch (178.0mm) 4k ~ 15k Spring Rates is a pair of Racing Springs from specialist suspension spring manufacturer, Swift Springs. Swift ID65mm Race Springs are an excellent step towards suspension tuning. They are light in weight, available in a variety of spring rates, and are built of the highest quality. Swift Racing Springs are the perfect upgrade for car owners wanting to increase the spring rates and/or handling performance of their cars with aftermarket coilover setups.
*This listing is for TWO(2) of the the 7 inch(178.0mm) Racing Springs

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Product Specs

Brand: Swift/Tohatsu Springs
Product: ID65mm 7inch (178.0mm) Racing Springs
Part Number: Z65-178-040 (4k)
Part Number: Z65-178-050 (5k)
Part Number: Z65-178-060 (6k)
Part Number: Z65-178-070 (7k)
Part Number: Z65-178-080 (8k)
Part Number: Z65-178-090 (9k)
Part Number: Z65-178-100 (10k)
Part Number: Z65-178-110 (11k)
Part Number: Z65-178-120 (12k)
Part Number: Z65-178-130 (13k)
Part Number: Z65-178-140 (14k)
Part Number: Z65-178-150 (15k)

Available Spring Rates (Max Stroke / Max Load / Spring Weight)
- 4k (120.0mm / 480kgf / 0.74kg)
- 5k (110.0mm / 550kgf / 0.81kg)
- 6k (106.0mm / 636kgf / 0.89kg)
- 7k (93.0mm / 651kgf / 0.91kg)
- 8k (93.0mm / 744kgf / 0.98kg)
- 9k (89.0mm / 801kgf / 1.02kg)
- 10k (86.0mm / 860kgf / 1.06kg)
- 11k (83.0mm / 913kgf / 1.12kg)
- 12k (83.0mm / 996kgf / 1.22kg)
- 13k (80.0mm / 1040kgf / 1.25kg)
- 14k (80.0mm / 1120kgf / 1.32kg)
- 15k (76.0mm / 1140kgf / 1.34kg)

Material: High-Strength Steel Wire

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