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TRD Close Ratio Transmission Gear Set A AE86

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TRD Close Ratio Transmission Gear Set A AE86

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Brand: TRD
Product: Close Ratio Transmission Gear Set A AE86
Part Num: 33030-AE811

- Made To Order
- Lead Time/Wait Time: 2 Months

The Set Contains:
- TRD 33032-AE801: 1st gear (Teeth: 31)
- TRD 33033-AE801: 2nd gear (Teeth: 28)
- TRD 33034-AE811: 3rd gear (Teeth: 25)
- TRD 33036-AE801: 5th gear (Teeth: 21)
- TRD 33428-AE811: 5th counter gear (Teeth: 34)
- TRD 33411-AE801: Counter shaft
- TRD 33422-AE801: Counter gear (Teeth: 33)
- TRD 33423-AE811: 3rd counter gear (Teeth: 30)
- TRD 33424-AE801: 2nd counter gear (Teeth: 25)
- TRD 33427-AE801: 1st counter gear (Teeth: 19)
- TRD 39982-AE801: Spacer No.1
- TRD 39982-TA102: Spacer No.2
- OEM 90520-25270: Snap ring
- OEM 90520-25271: Snap ring
- OEM 90520-25272: Snap ring
- OEM 90520-25273: Snap ring

TRD Gears Ratio:
- 1st.: -2.341
- 2nd.: -1.607
- 3rd.: -1.195
- 5th.: -0.886

Original Transmission Specifications:
Model Code: T50
Installed Engine Type: 4A-GE
gear ratio:
1st: 3.587
2nd: 2.022
3rd: 1.384
4th: 1.000
5th: 0.861
Finel: 4.300

- Only for vehicle with 4A-GE Engine and Type T50 Transmission.

The gear ratio is changed for sports driving, such as motor sports and circuit racing. Torque band utilization can be maximized by optimizing the step ratio (linkage ratio) for sports driving, to deliver the most power from your engine.
Toyota Levin/Trueno AE86 (Zenki - 5/83-10/85) Eng: 4A-GE
Toyota Levin/Trueno AE86 (Kouki - 10/85-4/87) Eng: 4A-GE
The TRD Close Ratio Transmission Gear Set A AE86 offers a much more sporty feeling through the use of much research and calculation for the perfect gearing. These sets are quite popular in Japan, and are even more appealing abroad due to their low cost compared to competitors. These sets are compatible with the AE86 produced from 83.5~87.5. Please confirm the the T50 transmission is marked with an 'A' on the side of the rear of the transmission. Included are only the internals and can be swapped into the stock T50 transmission casing. *Made To Order. Lead Time/Wait Time: 2 Months. Please view the picture provided and confirm that your transmission is marked with an 'A' in the same location. Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!!
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