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TRD Iridium Sports Spark Plug

TRD SKU: 51947
TRD Iridium Sports Spark Plug

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Brand: TRD
Product: Iridium Sports Spark Plug
Part Num: 10901-SP070-22 (#7)
Part Num: 10901-SP070-24 (#8)

Available types:
- #7
- #8

Type #7:
- Heat value contrasted with NGK plugs: 7
- Heat value: IK-22

Type #8:
- Heat value contrasted with NGK plugs: 8
- Heat value: IK-24

- What is an iridium spark plug
High-output, high-rev sports car engines require a spark plug that is able to withstand the loads generated by such high power, and that can guarantee reliable ignition. TRD employs a new iridium alloy as the precious metal for the center electrode, to achieve a super-fine tip diameter of 0.4 mm, compared to platinum's 0.7-mm diameter. This greatly improves ignitability over platinum by decreasing the voltage required to spark, and allows you to maximize the response of high-performance engines.

- Excellent for powerful, sporty cars: Improves output to achieve powerful acceleration.
- Helps to further reduce fuel costs in compact cars: Improves fuel economy and reduces pollution.
- Stabilizes engine combustion: Stabilizes idling RPMs, decreasing engine noise.
- Gentle even on old cars: Works at low voltage, reducing loads on plug cords and other parts of the electrical system.
- Sparked by the motor sports division of the Toyota group and made by TRD, the most reliable name in quality and reliability in the Toyota customization field.
Universal Toyota
The TRD Iridium Sports Spark Plug are especially designed for high performance and high RPM engines, The Spark will Improves output for achieve powerful acceleration, and stabilizes idling RPMs decreasing engine noise. This listing and pricing is for a single spark plug. The TRD Iridium Sports Spark is available in two different types, please specify which spark plug type you wish to purchase at the point of sale. Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!!
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