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Blitz Thro Con Throttle Controller - Audi Porsche Volkswagen ATSL2

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This item is designed to be a plug and play unit with vehicle specific harness. Sleek compact style design allows for more easy mount allowing for response control over the throttle body. Several preset levels are available to select from allowing user to easily switch between Sport, ECO and Auto Modes. Add increased comfort and handleability to the vehicle. Unlike many of the other throttle controllers this version does not utilize the OBD connector therefore allowing for a much wider range of compatible vehicles. A simple way to add a more enjoyable experience behind the wheel for all driving applications. Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!!
Brand: Blitz
Product: Throttle Controller Full Auto Plus - Audi Porsche Volkswagen ATSL2
Part Num: ATSL2

Display Type: LCD
-ECO: 5 Levels
- Maximizes economy by enhancing throttle response at lower throttle openings.
Sport: 10 Levels
- Gives a balance between throttle smooth acceleration and economy.
Auto: 5 Levels
- Automatically adjusts based off of driving style

Optional Parts (Sold Separately):
-Reverse Cancel Harness
-Scramble Switch (Part Number: 14799)
-Start Control System (SCS) (Part Number: 14800)
-Power Con to Thro Con Connector Harness (Part Number: 14797)

- A6 4FAUKS: For vehicles from 08/06.
- A4 8KCALF: For vehicles from 08/08.
- A4 8EAUKF: For vehicles from 10/07.
- A3 8PBWA: For vehicles from 08/07.
- A3 8PBSE: For vehicles from 07/05.
- Golf V 1KAXX: For vehicles from 03/05.
- Golf VI 1KCCZ: For vehicles from 09/09.
- Golf V 1KCAX: For vehicles from 06/08.
- Golf VII AUCJZ: For vehicles from 06/13.
Compatibility is from maker for JDM cars only. We don't guarantee fitment. Always do your own research before purchase.

Audi A3 8PAXX AXX (10/2004~)
Audi A3 8PBMJF BMJ (10/2004~)
Audi A3 8PBUBF BUB (07/2006~)
Audi A3 8PBVY BVY (07/2006~)
Audi A3 8PBWA BWA (07/2006~)
Audi A3 8PBYT BYT (04/2007~)
Audi A3 8PBZB BZB (08/2007~)
Audi A3 8PCCZF CCZ (09/2008~)
Audi A3 8PCDA CDA (09/2008~)
Audi A3 8VCXS CXS (09/2013~)
Audi A3 8VCXSL CXS (10/2014~)
Audi A4 8EAUKF AUK (02/2005~)
Audi A4 8KCALF CAL (03/2008~)
Audi A4 8KCDH CDH (09/2008~)
Audi A4 8KCDNF CDN (03/2009~)
Audi A5 8TCDNL CDN (01/2010~)
Audi A6 4FAUKS AUK (07/2004~)
Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI Quattro 8RCDNF CDN (06/2009~)
Audi S3 Sportback 2.0T Quattro 8PCDLF CDL (02/2009~)
Audi S4 8KCAKF CAK (05/2009~)
Audi TT Coupe 2.0 TFSI Quattro 8JCCZF CCZ (09/2008~)
Audi TT Coupe 2.0 TFSI Quattro 8JCESF CES (09/2010~)
Audi TT Coupe 3.2 Quattro 8JBUBF BUB (07/2006~)
Audi TT Coupe 8JBWA BWA (07/2006~)
Audi TT Roadstar 8JBWA BWA (07/2006~)
Audi TTS Coupe 8JCDLF CDL (09/2008~)
Porsche 911 997 Carrera 4S 997MA101 6-Cyl 24V 3799cc (07/2008~)
Porsche 911 997 GT2 99770S 3600cc (10/2007~)
Volkswagen Beetle The Beetle 16CBZ CBZ (04/2012~)
Volkswagen Beetle The Beetle Turbo 16CPL CPL (10/2013~)
Volkswagen Golf Touran 1TBLG BLG (04/2007~)
Volkswagen Golf Touran 1TBMY BMY (04/2007~)
Volkswagen Golf Touran 1TCAV CAV (09/2009~)
Volkswagen Golf V 1KAXX GTX BWA (06/2004~)
Volkswagen Golf V 1KAXX GTi BWA (06/2004~)
Volkswagen Golf V 1KBLG BLG (07/2007~)
Volkswagen Golf V 1KBMY BMY (01/2008~)
Volkswagen Golf V 1KBUBF BUB (02/2006~)
Volkswagen Golf V 1KBYD BYD (10/2008~)
Volkswagen Golf V 1KCAX CAX (01/2008~)
Volkswagen Golf VI 1KCAV 1.4 TSI CAV (11/2009~)
Volkswagen Golf VI 1KCAX 1.4 TSI CAX (11/2009~)
Volkswagen Golf VI 1KCBZ CBZ (04/2010~)
Volkswagen Golf VI 1KCCZ GTI CCZ (09/2007~)
Volkswagen Golf VI 1KCDLF R CDL (03/2010~)
Volkswagen Golf VII AUCHH 2.0L L4 T/C (09/2013~)
Volkswagen Golf VII AUCJZ CJZ (04/2013~)
Volkswagen Golf VII AUCPT CPT (04/2013~)
Volkswagen Golf Variant Wagon 1KAXX BWA (09/2007~)
Volkswagen Golf Variant Wagon 1KBLG 1.4 TSI BLG (09/2007~)
Volkswagen Golf Variant Wagon 1KCAW CAW (01/2009~)
Volkswagen Golf Variant Wagon 1KCAX CAX (08/2008-10/2009)
Volkswagen Golf Variant Wagon 1KCAX CAX (11/2009~)
Volkswagen Golf Variant Wagon 1KCCZ CCZ (11/2009~)
Volkswagen Jetta 1KAXX 2.0 TSI BWA (10/2007-10/2009)
Volkswagen Jetta 1KAXX 2.0 TSI BWA (11/2009-02/2011)
Volkswagen Jetta 1KAXX 2.0 TSI BWA (11/2009-02/2011)
Volkswagen Jetta 1KAXX BWA (02/2006~)
Volkswagen Jetta 1KAXX GWA (10/2007-10/2009)
Volkswagen Jetta 1KBLG BLG (10/2007~)
Volkswagen Jetta 1KBLX BLX (02/2006~)
Volkswagen Passat 3CAXX CAX (04/2006~)
Volkswagen Passat 3CAXZF V6 4motion AXZ (04/2006~)
Volkswagen Passat 3CBZB BZB (02/2008~)
Volkswagen Passat 3CCAW 2.0 TSI CAW (08/2008~)
Volkswagen Passat 3CCAX CAX (05/2011~)
Volkswagen Passat Variant Wagon 3CBWSF BWS (09/2008~)
Volkswagen Passat Variant Wagon 3CBZB 1.8 TSI BZB (02/2008~)
Volkswagen Scirocco 13CAV CAV (05/2009~)
Volkswagen Scirocco 13CAW CAW (05/2009~)
Volkswagen Scirocco 13CDL CDL (02/2010~)
Volkswagen Tiguan 5NCAW CAW (09/2008~)
Volkswagen Tiguan 5NCCZ CCZ (09/2010~)

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RHDJapan Store Reviews

The pedal feels harder and more modulable and there is no fading with intensive use.

It’s great you can buy these retro grex coins that fit the newer style GReddy shift knob.
They look brilliant

Typical high quality shift knob from GReddy.
I love the adjustable height feature of this knob.

So far so good since used half year!!!

Such a great and premium quality from Spoon. Fast delivery from Japan - Malaysia (Sarawak) . Thumbs up Spoon and RHD Japan!!

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