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Cusco Type RS LSD Diff 1&2 Way - LSD154F

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CUSCO SKU: 81922 PN: LSD 154 F (1&2 Way)
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The RS LSD uses a spring technology which keeps differential noises to a minimum, improves durability due to the clutch plates enduring lower pressures, and better lap times from low power loss for any vehicle. With Cusco's long time development of LSD's, they have been able to produce top quality LSD's for a wide selection of different vehicles. Cusco's extensive LSD knowledge and experience has produced some of the most versatile, durable and effective LSD's on the market. In addition, some LSD's can be changed between the different Way configurations for the best results in different race applications.

Here is a description from Cusco explaining the differences between the differential types available for the aftermarket:

One way LSD - specially suited for front wheel drive cars and 4WD car front axles. Activates under acceleration, and acts as a true LSD when the throttle is off. A great chance for improved lap times. A CUSCO original design.

1.5 way LSD - Activates under acceleration while the understeer is less than on the 2 way LSD. Recommended for drivers having difficulty with 2 way LSD understeer and one way LSD braking.

Two way LSD - Recommended on the rear axle for rear drive cars. Activates on both acceleration and deceleration. Recommended for those who prefer hot driving action and big angle drift.

These differentials have the option to be interchangeable between 1& 2 way, 1.5 & 2 way Please select the switchable combination that you would like and the initial way setup.

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Brand: Cusco
Product: Type RS LSD Diff
Part Num.: LSD 154 F (1&2 Way)

Diff Type: Viscus coupling differential
Initial Setting: 1 Way

ONLY for ST202s, ST203s 10/93-8/95
ONLY for SW20s 12/91-10/99
MT use only
Only for the SS suspension.

Toyota Carina ED ST202 3S-FE (10/1993-08/1995)
Toyota Carina ED ST202 3S-GE (10/1993-08/1995)
Toyota Carina ED ST203 3S-FE (10/1993-08/1995)
Toyota Celica ST202 3S-FE (10/1993-11/1997)
Toyota Celica ST202 3S-GE (10/1993-11/1997)
Toyota Celica ST203 3S-FE (10/1993-11/1997)
Toyota Corona ExiV ST202 3S-FE (10/1993-08/1995)
Toyota Corona ExiV ST202 3S-GE (10/1993-08/1995)
Toyota Corona ExiV ST203 3S-FE (10/1993-08/1995)
Toyota Curren ST206 3S-FE (01/1994-08/1995)
Toyota Curren ST206 3S-GE (01/1994-08/1995)
Toyota Curren ST207 3S-FE (01/1994-08/1995)
Toyota MR-2 SW20 Type II 3S-GTE (11/1991-10/1993)
Toyota MR-2 SW20 Type III 3S-GTE (10/1993-06/1996)
Toyota MR-2 SW20 Type IV 3S-GTE (06/1996-12/1997)
Toyota MR-2 SW20 Type V 3S-GTE (12/1997-10/1999)

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Then I saw the Greddy Sirius gauges and it takes the standard gauge but makes it new and refreshing. The price is definitely steep, so that in itself puts it in a class of its own. Enthusiasts will know. My only complaint is that Greddy doesn’t offer a AFR gauge in this style. Converting to PSI from Bar doesn’t bother me. I honestly don’t see how hard it would be to implement an option to switch between them considering it’s all electronic, but either way, I’m still a happy customer.

Another great item and fitment from RHD Japan

Another great item and fitment from RHD Japan

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