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HKS Capacity Upgrade Kit 2.2L Step 2 Full Kit - RPS13 PS13 S14 S15 - RHDJapan

HKS Capacity Upgrade Kit 2.2L Step 2 Full Kit - RPS13 PS13 S14 S15

383838 JPY
HKS SKU: 27314 PN: 21004-AN001
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List Price: ¥424,600

Sale Price: ¥383,838

You Save: ¥40,762

This kit will give a great amount of torque gained during acceleration as well as more power at the top end. Many of the cars in D1 GP use the HKS Capacity Upgrade Kit due to its high horsepower reliability. Aside from drifting, many drag racers across Japan trust the HKS Capacity Upgrade Kit. This is because parts that make up this kit are strengthened way beyond OEM standards, lighter in weight, and are ready for high horse power. HKS recommend the purchase of the HKS 87mm Bore Cylinder Liner when installing this Capacity Upgrade Kit. This is because the SR20 block is made of aluminum and there may be a strength issue of the cylinder walls when they are bored out to fit the larger piston size. The HKS Cylinder Liner is used to gain more effective strength especially when used in high horsepower applications.
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Brand: HKS
Product: Capacity Upgrade Kit 2.2L Step 2 Full Kit - RPS13 PS13 S14 S15
Part Num: 21004-AN001

Piston Top Coating: Nickel Plating
Piston Bore (mm): 87.0
Pin Bore (mm): 22.0
Displacement (cc): 2164
Stroke (mm): 91
Top Ring: Titanium Coating Type
Oil Ring: 2 pieces type
Compression Ratio (e):
- With 1.2mm Gasket: 8.8
- With 1.6mm Gasket: 8.6
- With 2.0mm Gasket: 8.3

- HKS Piston Kit
- HKS Fully Forged and Balanced Crankshaft
- HKS H-Cross Section Connecting Rods Kit

Using an used cylinder block:
Due to deformation, with 0.5mm diameter boring and honing may not be able to have accurate circle bore. (Same for other engine models.)
In case bore is not accurate circle, pistons cannot be installed accurately. Therefore, 87.0mm STEP2 with 1.0mm boring and honing is recommended.
87.0mm STEP2 has nickel plating, which is durable against knocking.

Using new or good condition cylinder block:
86.5mm is recommended so that 87.0mm can be used for the next overhauling.

For performance enhancement:
87.0mm in a new block is recommended. (Larger displacement will be better performance.)

- Boring, Honing machining: Required
- Full flow modification: Not Required

- Not Compatible with RNN14.

- Displacement of SR20 is increased from stock 1, 998cc to 2, 139cc. The larger displacement will increase torque. It enables to be used with large flow capacity turbines.
- 86.5mm Piston is considered as STEP1 of 2.2L Kit. The surface treatment of STEP2 (f87.0) is not done for STEP1 to achieve the affordable price. This kit is also recommended for overhauling purpose. Feel the power of 2.2L. Although it is STEP1, it is forged piston. Forged connecting rod and forged crankshaft are the same items as STEP2 that means the maximum target horsepower is the same.
- MADE IN JAPAN (HKS in house production).
Nissan 180SX RPS13 SR20DET (01/1991-12/1993)
Nissan 180SX RPS13 SR20DET (01/1994-07/1996)
Nissan 180SX RPS13 SR20DET (08/1996-12/1998)
Nissan Silvia PS13 SR20DET (01/1991-10/1993)
Nissan Silvia S14 SR20DET (06/1996-12/1998)
Nissan Silvia S14 SR20DET (10/1993-06/1996)
Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET (01/1999-08/2002)

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RHDJapan Store Reviews

Excellent customer's service! The CS team already set my expectations that item i ordered will be delayed, and still got it a month earlier. This is for the bride mask. thank you! 5 stars!

I’ve been anticipating this item for weeks and finally from the coasts of Japan to my American Doorsteps. While inspecting the beauty and quality of the part, I realized that this was not the item that I ordered. The item I wanted and ASSUMED I was purchasing, was the one that is shown as the display picture on both RHDJapan and Monster Sport Product Page. So I’m not entirely sure where the fault lies. I do know that I’m not willing to ship it back internationally, wait for a refund, purchase product again and then wait several more months just to receive the correct version. The difference is just minor styling.

Either way, back to the review, Item is clearly top notch quality, and as far as appearances go, Monster and Gruppe make the only Radiator Cooling Shrouds worth buying for the Evo X... the rest just looks bad.

I wanted to replace my rusty original hose just like I was replacing the brake hoses, and these one has the added benefit that there is no modification needed to attach it to either variances of slave cylinders; although not having a locating tab means that you would have to hold the line by yourself while torquing down the banjo or you will twist the line and destroy the washers, causing a leak, or even the line end.

The clutch pedal feel improves just like when you upgrade the brake hoses for the same kind of line.

You can find the correct picture for the product, with the brass block for the hard line, in APP's website.

Very easy and quick install, you will feel the improvement if you are sensible enough and care a lot about how your pedals feel.

I did paint mine flat black as the blue and red are too much for me.

We have much of dark night conditions and are in need of proper lights, PIAA and RHDJapan got us covered! Quality is premium as you would excpect

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