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RHDJapan : Nismo S-Tune Suspension System Stabilizer Set - BCNR33

Nismo S-Tune Suspension System Stabilizer Set - BCNR33

NISMO SKU: 56105
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Brand: Nismo
Product: S-Tune Suspension System Stabilizer Set - BCNR33
Part Num: 5300S-RSR45+54600-RSR35

- Assembly type
- 5 way adjustable
Suspension Spec:
- Damping Force 0.3m/sec, N(kgf) Front (step 5) 2354/883 (240/90) Rear (step 3) 1716/686 (175/70)
- Spring constant N/mm (kgf/mm) Front 58.8(6.0) Rear 65.7(6.7)
- Vehicle height change Front~ -30mm Rear~ -20mm

Stabilizer Kit:
- Diameter mm Front Dia. 24.2 Rear Dia. 27.2
- Spring Constant N/mm(kgf/mm) Front 26.7(2.7) Rear 101.0(10.3)

- 54600-RSR35: (54610-RS595+56220-RSR45)

-A Unique design, for all models.
To develop the suspension, the amount of the stroke, different in each model, has been perfectly adjusted. The damping force was the balance by using the best springs. The upgrade were not only external, the amount of oil, the length of the case, and the lengths of the rods are fine tuned down to the last millimeter. a truly unique design was executed for each model, sparing no detail. Moreover when a normal shape is selected, for instance, not to counterbalance the horizontal stress by the inclination of Strut by the offset spring layout in the strut type, an improvement of durability and decrease of the friction are achieved.

-Vehicle riding height, for optimum racing performance.
The improvement of the sports driving performance is closely linked to the amount of the stroke available. With the Nismo suspension the center of gravity is lowered, and overall riding height is lowered*. The suspension characteristic never changes, even if the number of passengers changes, this is due to the huge amount of the stroke this suspension provides. Moreover, the strain on the suspension bush and the body is decreased by employing a rubber bush to the upper mount, the advantage of which is long-term maintenance free vehicle condition.*It will be lowered down about 20mm, though it will differ of each model.
Nissan Skyline GT-R BCNR33 RB26DETT (01/1995-01/1996)
Nissan Skyline GT-R BCNR33 RB26DETT (01/1996-02/1997)
Nissan Skyline GT-R BCNR33 RB26DETT (02/1997-05/1998)
The development of the G-Attack S-tune suspension was made specifically for the Racing car ad the Street car, to be used both in circuit racing and street-racing, even though there are differences in the target performance of these different fields. Taking in to consideration the chassis characteristics, the wheelbase, tread width, and analyzing the movement of the suspension link & bush, and the tires Nismo utilized the vehicles maximum stroke. The Nismo G-attack suspension is a suspension utilizing the same technique as the suspension used by Nismo in the races.
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