Project Mu Front Brake Pads Type PS Perfect Spec - ACA3#W GSA33W ZRE186H ZSU6#W AVU65W GRE156H ANA1# GGA10 - RHDJapan

Project Mu Front Brake Pads Type PS Perfect Spec - ACA3#W GSA33W ZRE186H ZSU6#W AVU65W GRE156H ANA1# GGA10

15299 JPY
PROJECT MU SKU: 142071 PN: F137_Type_PS_Perfect_Spec
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List Price: ¥22,000

Sale Price: ¥15,299

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These brake pads have been developed as the Perfect Spec for street sports applications. A premium sports compound with extremely high ratings on all aspects, especially great control with low wear, extremely low noise and dust with great disc life. Outperforming all characteristics from the B Spec series with exception of initial bite. Initial bite has been tamed down in favor of longer lasting high braking power.
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Brand: Project Mu
Product: Front Brake Pads Type PS Perfect Spec - ACA3#W GSA33W ZRE186H ZSU6#W AVU65W GRE156H ANA1# GGA10
Part Number: F137_Type_PS_Perfect_Spec

Application: Front Brakes
Material: Non-Steel (Non-Asbestos)
Applicable Rotor Temperature: 0~500
Friction Coefficient (μ): 0.38~0.45

- Compatible for Vehicle inspection
- Compatible with Radial Tire
- Compatible with Bigger Wheels
- Less Noise and Dust

- Not compatible with Brembo or any other aftermarket calipers
- ACA33W/ACA38W: 07.8〜
- GSA33W: 07.8〜
- ZRE186H: 12.08〜 RS only
- ZSU60W/ZSU65W: 13.12〜
- AVU65W: 13/12〜
- GRE156H: 07.8〜 FF MASTER only
- ANA10: 07.9〜
- ANA15: 07.9〜 4WD only
- GGA10: 07.9〜
- ACA36W: 05.11〜 2WD only
- ACA31W: 05.11〜 4WD only
Toyota Auris ZRE186H 2ZR-FAE (04/2014~)
Toyota Auris ZRE186H 2ZR-FAE (08/2012-04/2014)
Toyota Harrier Hybrid AVU65W 2AR-FXE (01/2014~)
Toyota Harrier ZSU60W 3ZR-FAE (12/2013-04/2017)
Toyota Harrier ZSU65W 3ZR-FAE (12/2013-04/2017)
Toyota Mark X Zio ANA10 2AZ-FE (09/2007~)
Toyota Mark X Zio ANA15 2AZ-FE (09/2007~)
Toyota Mark X Zio GGA10 22GR-FE (09/2007~)
Toyota RAV4 ACA31W 2AZ-FE (08/2006~)
Toyota RAV4 ACA36W 2AZ-FE (11/2005~)
Toyota Vanguard ACA33W 2AZ-FE (08/2007~)
Toyota Vanguard ACA38W 2AZ-FE (08/2008~)
Toyota Vanguard GSA33W 2GR-FE (08/2007~)

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RHDJapan Store Reviews

I purchased this for my s2000, it is better than oem, and a different design also. It is hardened rubber with no gaps like the mugen version or the OEM, and does not squeak like polyurethane

i ordered this exhaust on 5/3/19, excellent quality and very beautifully made, the exhaust has a total of 3 resonators and included a silencer whicjh means noise level was taken into consideration; the exhausts sounds great!

Great spoon lugnuts! Thanks RHDjapan

Great spoon seller! Love that red valve cover! Thanks RHDjapan

I purchased this from RHD Japan because my center bearing was completely shot. I live in the USA, I searched online from Nissan Dealerships, Amazon and they were asking $200 - $300 dollars for this same part number. I installed it, fits perfectly and comes with new washer and mounting nut to center drive shaft. I love RHD Japan because the have the best selection, best service and best price. Generally RHD Japan can ship it to my house in the USA quicker than if I order locally in the USA.

Arigato, RHDJapan!!

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