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Trust was founded in 1977 by three individuals who loved racing. They focused on exhaust manifolds and mufflers systems originally for friends in the racing scene. Their popularity grew as the quality of work and craftsmanship gained trust by many enthusiasts within Japan. This is how the company name Trust came about, the original founding members wanted to produce quality exhaust headers and muffler systems that could be counted on to deliver under the most extreme race conditions. In 1985 with the street tuning boom in full effect within Japan, Trust gained popularity for their TD twin Greddy turbo kits, as seen in many Soarers of the day. Fast forward to today and Trust Greddy is still doing what it does best in the racing scene. From full turbine kits to basic dress up parts this company has the know how and legacy to prove it's parts can be trusted.
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  1. Trust Greddy Sports Catalyzer - ZC33S Quick view

    List Price: ¥126,500

    Sale Price: ¥100,949

    You Save: ¥25,551

  1. Trust GReddy Sports Catalyzer Center Pipe - ZC31S Quick view

    List Price: ¥88,000

    Sale Price: ¥70,229

    You Save: ¥17,771

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