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Tomei Forged Piston Kit 87.5mm - SR22

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These items are manufactured with superior materials and processes designed to perform at a much higher level than the factory pistons. Forged construction are much more durable to safely handle increased engine power, lighter weight and more provides better balance and reduced rotation weight of the engine. Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!!
Brand : Tomei
Product: Forged Piston Kit 87.5mm - SR22
Part Number: 1132875211

The kit Includes:
- 4x Pistons
- 4x Piston Pins
- 4x Piston Clips
- 12x Piston Rings

Available Bore Sizes for SR20DET:
- 87.5mm

- SR20DET -
OEM Bore: 86.0

Tomei SR22 87.5:
- Bore (mm): 87.5
- OEM Displacement (cc): 1998
- Tomei Displacement (cc): 2188
- Pin dia. (mm): 22
- Length (mm): 60.00
- Comp. High (mm): 29.50
- Piston Crown Volume (cc): 18.0
- Weight (g): 329
- Pin Weight (g): 113
- Total Weight (g): 442
- Top ring BxT (mm): 1.20x3.00
- Second ring BxT (mm): 1.20x3.90
- Oil ring BxT (mm): 2.50x3.10

- Indicated weights are approximate values.

From the combustion chamber to the cylinder, a piston works inside the core of the engine assembly where the energy of the explosion is converted into rotational movement. The piston suffers the most abuse out off all the components inside an engine, withstanding such factors as the force from constant amounts of massive energy and severe fluctuation in temperatures.

Forged Pistons:
Since the piston is one of the most important components in an engine assembly, transferring combusted energy to mechanical movement, it must have enough strength to withstand severe temperature fluctuations and high pressures. Stock OEM manufactured pistons are typically made from cast metal and is ideal for mass production, however they cannot sustain the stress when used in highly modified engines that produce over 100 horsepower per cylinder. By using forged metal made from aluminum alloy to construct Tomei pistons, the metal can then endure severe circumstances beyond the stock level. These forged pistons can withstand combustion pressures of 200 kgf and 11 tons of force with the combusted gas temperatures up to 2, 500 degrees Celsius. Tomei pistons that are used in highly tuned RB26 and SR20 engines are the same type of pistons used in Group C and F1 racing.

3 Dimension Profile:
The metal expansion rate in each piston will differ according to the material of the piston and driving conditions. In order to develop the perfect piston for each and every engine types, Tomei have studied the characteristics of heat expansion in aluminum with many prototypes and countless hours on the engine bench dynamometer. The resulting product is a 3 dimensional profile of the oval and barrel design. Tomei have succeeded to produce a piston in 1/1000 mm of accuracy that applies to the appropriate piston to wall clearance.

Thinner Rings:
Tomei selected high performance thinner piston ring for less friction loss and to prevent fluttering. This can also prevent having a floating piston ring by reducing its inertia to help cut down the blowby. In addition to it, there will be more open area for designing between the piston head and piston pin; it is possible to set the size and shape of the piston topland freely. Designed in an ideal spec the pistons strength has been dramatically increased.
Nissan 180SX RPS13 SR20DET (01/1991-12/1993)
Nissan 180SX RPS13 SR20DET (01/1994-07/1996)
Nissan 180SX RPS13 SR20DET (08/1996-12/1998)
Nissan Silvia PS13 SR20DET (01/1991-10/1993)
Nissan Silvia S14 SR20DET (06/1996-12/1998)
Nissan Silvia S14 SR20DET (10/1993-06/1996)
Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET (01/1999-08/2002)

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After getting this installed on my car, my car looks absolutely mean and aggressive. I love it. It did need custom cutting and installation because of the universal fit. It took a professional shop about 6 hours for install. I had this front canard set installed on my 2005 Lexus IS300. There was some issues with the shipping but RHDJapan communicated quickly and while giving constant updates via email which made the process less stressful.

Very fast delivery and great item !

Replace the oem back lamp with a new oem it looks good as new!! love it !

They look really good! I’m amazed!!

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