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Founded in Japan and formerly known as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. Ltd, Mazda has become well known as being the only current manufacturer of the Wankel Rotary Engine as well as the only non-European/American company to win a Le Mans 24hr Race. They won with the Mazda 787B, a Rotary powered monster. Mazda rotaries cannot be talked about without mention of the RX-7 and more recent RX-8. Both cars have lo...READ MOREyal owners and fans who will defend the rotary and its greatness to the end of the world. Despite the rotary engine being no longer in production vehicles Mazda has been putting in new developments with their SkyActive technology with other great looking sporty road machines that are also very practical.
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  1. Mazda OEM Rear Bumper FD3S
    Quick view

    Mazda OEM Rear Bumper FD3S

    List Price: ¥94,046
  2. Mazda OEM Left Steering Knuckle 031 FD3S Quick view
  3. Mazda OEM Right Steering Knuckle 021 FD3S Quick view
  4. Mazda OEM Stabilizer Control Link JCESE Zenki Quick view
  5. Mazda OEM Wedge Collar FD3S Quick view
  6. Mazda OEM Wire Ring FD3S Quick view
  7. Mazda OEM Stud 1003 FD3S RX-7 Quick view
  8. Mazda OEM Nut 1001 FD3S RX-7 Quick view
  9. Mazda OEM Wiper Arm 421 FD3S Quick view
  10. Mazda OEM Right Beltline Moulding 640E FD3S Quick view
  11. Mazda OEM Passenger Side Wiper Arm 321 FD3S Quick view
  12. Mazda OEM Roller Bearing 306A FD3S Quick view
  13. Mazda OEM Spacer 316 FD3S Quick view
  14. Mazda OEM Acrylic Visor Set 530B GY Atenza Wagon Quick view
  15. Mazda OEM Front Cover Gasket FD3S Quick view
  16. Mazda OEM Insulator 390 FD3S Quick view
  17. Mazda OEM Absorber Plate C80B FD3S Quick view
  18. Mazda OEM Front Wiper Arm Cover 395C FD3S Quick view
  19. Mazda OEM Left Inner Sail Garnish 51YE FD3S Quick view
  20. Mazda OEM Right Inner Sail Garnish 51XE FD3S Quick view
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