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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. My Credit Card does not work in your site. Is your site broken?
Are you trying to pay via debit? We can not accept debit cards. Also please check to make sure you are not going over the daily/monthly limit. If it still doesn’t work, please check the following. 1. please contact your bank or the credit card company to make sure your card can be used on a website in Japan, compatible with 3D Secure (Verified by Visa - MasterCard SecureCode), and they are not stopping it. If you have a Visa Card you can check here. If you have a Master Card you can check here.

Q. I would like to order the SKU: (or Part #) but I can't find out how to specify the part I need!
Add the size, part number or vehicle specs in the shopping cart note for that part and Patrick will specify this for you while the order is processed by the RHD team. You can check the part specified for you in the order details page while logged in only.

Q. I cannot log in and my password reset email never arrives!!
It could be that the mail servers are blocking our servers email. Please email us and we will get back to you immediately with a fix for you.

Q. There is a bug in your site!!
Please first clear your browser cookies & cache once and refresh the website, did it fix your bug? If not please click the Bug Report link at the bottom of the page and tell us about it!

Q. There is an alert in my order and or help desk account!
Please first read your order status and the status in your order detail page. Then look for the help desk ticket and read and reply to it. We will honour your requests and make changes for you accordingly on your order. You will see these changes in the order details page while logged in only.


Q. One of your competitors who ships from Japan is selling this item cheaper than you are, why?
It could be a pricing error as we are updating thousands of products in our online catalog every day with the most recent data from manufactures as we get it. Please add the item to the shopping cart and check the final shipped pricing. The initial price does not mean the total price you pay. If the shipped price from a competitor is in fact significantly more, please let us know with shopping cart screen shots and we will check it out for you asap.


Q. How do I make an order with RHDJapan?
All you need to do is add the items to your shopping cart and check out.

Q. What payment methods does RHDJapan offer?
Paypal, Credit Card (3D Secure - Pin/Password Protected), and Direct bank transfer (for orders over ¥50,000).

Q. Are your items in stock?
Yes, unless otherwise stated they are in stock but stock is limited and we sell on a first come first served basis. We are selling parts 24 hours a day and if you order something that is sold out just before you managed to purchase it we will contact you immediately and you can follow up in the Help Desk when you are logged in to let us know if you would like to wait or have a 100% full refund.

Q. I got an email and there is a delay with my order. What should I do?
We need confirmation from you! Please contact us immediately via the Help Desk or +81-72-844-9220. Please be sure to have your order number ready.

Q. I put my order in, can I have a tracking number?
Thank you very much for your order!! We will update tracking in your account details online with rhdjapan.com as well as send you tracking as soon as possible. Once it has been taken we confirm payment vehicle/part compatibility and process it. Most items are out within 3 to 10 business days. OEM orders take a little longer, up to two weeks. Check your ETAs in your order details page please. Thank you again for your order!

Q. My order arrived and it is damaged or I got the wrong part.
Please contact us immediately. Log in to your account and register a ticket in the help desk or +81-72-844-9220. If we have in fact shipped you the wrong part we will replace it at our expense, you will not lose a dime. If the item was damaged in transit we will work with your chosen delivery service to fix our mistake.

Q. The Item I got does not look like the one in the picture.
We are constantly updating pictures to make sure that the most recent product pictures are always on the site, but in some cases the pictured part is an image of the part but not the exact one for your car. If the one you got does not look the same as the picture please don't be alarmed and please check the part number in the listing with the part delivered to you. We check and approve each and every order personally to make sure you get the exact part number that was purchased and requested. This is the RHDJapan guarantee!


Q. I would like to return my order.
If there was a mistake on our part and we sent the wrong part to you please contact us with order number and issue within 7 days of delivery date, we will take care of you. Otherwise returns are non negotiable for buyer's remorse, or buyer's mistake. If you order a part number but put in the order details a different part number you will not get that number, you WILL get the part number in the shopping cart. In some special cases however we will grant a refund or order cancellation, in this case a restocking fee will apply of up to 35% depending on the part.

Q. I think my item is defective, what is the Warranty Return policy?
RHDJapan will act as an agent on your behalf to claim on your warranty with the maker if an item is thought to be defective. This must be done within 7 days of you receiving the product, no exceptions. Log in to your account and register a ticket in the help desk and be sure to reference your order number or call us at +81-72-844-9220. If the maker agrees to look at the item, we will allow you to send it back to our warehouse. We will need the item returned to RHDJapan within 7 days of giving you the authorization to ship back via trackable mail for RHDJapan YK to make a claim with our suppliers. Once the item is received it will be sent to the maker to be tested and you will be notified. If it proves to be defective, the product will be fixed or replaced and RHDJapan will ship it back to you no problem.

Q. I broke my item, what is the Warranty Return policy?
If the item is not defective but was damaged due to installation or improper use we can still get it fixed in most cases but you will need to cover all costs related.

Products and Special request

Q. Can you get parts for my vehicle that are not listed on your site?
Yes, if the part is still made here in Japan and you have links to the actual product on the maker's site you want or the part numbers for it we will be happy to get it in the site for you.

Q. Do you ship to my country?
Yes we ship to any country there is a shipping service for no problem.

Dealer Accounts

Q. I run a business do you have dealer accounts available?
Yes we are very serious about dealer accounts so please contact us with your monthly volume of purchases to give us a better idea of what dealer discount account you qualify for. We ship Full Container Loads, pallets, anything you need we can do it. You can contact us via Help Desk or +81-72-844-9220.

Shipping & Taxes

Q. Can I have a quote on shipping to my door?
All you need to do is add the item to your shopping cart, and choose your country. The cart will refresh and you will have the shipped quote.

Q. Does the final price include VAT or any import tax?
We are a registered company here in Japan and cannot charge these taxes. Please familiarize yourself with your local import rules and regulations to see if there are any other taxes when you get your items delivered to your door.

Q. You have many different shipping services available, what is the difference?
SAL is space available mail and can take up to 12 weeks to arrive to you and offers no insurance or real time tracking (it is not tracked in real time between the Japanese exit point and destination country entry point). FedEX DHL and EMS are all about the same speed (3 to 7 day delivery) and service (Insured and tracked). EMS you may not have heard of, it is the Japanese government service and once getting to your country will be handled by a contracted delivery service. For example in the UK it gets handled by Parcel Force and in the United States by USPS.

Q. Can you ship Cars, Engines, Transmissions, Oils and other items deemed as hazardous goods?
Yes we are an exporting company above all and have qualified and licensed staff who will carefully prepare all needed export documentation on your behalf.

Q. My tracking number does not work!!
This is because the post computers and tracking services are not real time like RHDJapan's is. The post will need up to 24 hours to upload all the tracking data to their servers after the item has been shipped. Please recheck in 24 hours and if by then you still have the error please contact us. You can contact us via Help Desk.

Q. Why is shipping so expensive?!
Door to door delivery with jet shipping around the world and customs clearance can be quite expensive for large items. If shipping looks unreasonably high for a relatively small item please let us know, it could just be a typo. We will be happy to check it out ASAP for you.

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