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Patrick and Russell

were raised in Japan and went to an International school there for their whole life. Being Foreign in Japan they had the pleasure of coming up during the drift and race boom in Japan as it happened. While attending university abroad Pat and Russell often talked about the lack of parts, engines and overall Japanese FR race scene outside of Japan. During that time Pat was in University working hard to graduate and get back to Japan. Russell on the other hand had already graduated and moved back to Japan and was in Tokyo laying the ground work for what was later to become the system foundation of the company RHDJapan. Once Pat finished up at school he moved to Tokyo and shared a cramped apartment with Russell where they cleaned used engine harnesses, polished used intercoolers and sold actively on Ebay. During this time RHDJapan was still being run after work in to the wee hours of the morning. Engine harnesses, turbos, injectors, tons of rare JDM goodies coming and going all while working day jobs to pay the bills. Pat and Russell slowly grew a dedicated customer base that grew and grew as the drift and engine swap boom took hold in the states.

The cramped apartment was now full of boxes and parts and living conditions were getting tight so the two moved to a 2 story house with a back yard and stock room in good old Shimokitazawa, Tokyo and took up operations there. Soon enough the customer base doubled and the back yard looked like a JDM bone yard and store room was packed. By this time Pat had already quit his day job to pick up more hours for RHDJapan in order to ensure the best customer support possible. Russell was struggling between RHDJapan and his full time job (which provided his visa). After years of almost non stop work the two decided to have a go at incorporation.

3 years of full time ebay selling and customer support, RHDJapan in December of 2004 incorporated, changing its status from a private export enterprise to an official business recognized by the Japanese Legal Affairs Bureau as a Limited Liability Corporation (YK). The two rented a two story office in Setagaya, Tokyo and started developing a website that would fully allow the best customer experience, the RHDJapan experience.

The first 3 years were difficult and used parts had to be put on hold till a future date. Pat and Russell continued doing what they did from the beginning which was getting the parts the customers wanted while providing the best support and customer service possible. 3 years of website revisions, inventory revamps and system changes brought them to 2007 and it was time for some new blood in the system. Pat and Russell had the privilege of meeting a young tall and lanky drifter by the name of Shawn who just happened to be from the same school but years down the line. Right off they knew that this guy was perfect for RHDJapan so in comes Shawn to help get parts up and take care of orders. Now in 2009 we have upgraded the site with new functionality, a new look, better prices and a continued desire to be the best out there. Pat and Russell at the helm, RHDJapan starts picking up the pace and offering more rare JDM and a more individualized customer experience.

RHDJapan has moved from used parts on ebay to new JDM, OEM parts, full brand new engines and missions, body kits and other rare hard to find JDM. These changes are evident when looking on the website. But one thing that has not changed is the fundamental principles that RHDJapan was started on, they cater to your needs and go out of their way to get you the parts you need when the others cant or wont. Enter 2011 and bidjdm.com, the Yahoo Japan auction deputy service designed and developed by RHDJapan. This is the site that Pat and Russell always wanted to do but did not have the wherewithal. Now in 2013 with bidJDM running strong for two years RHDJapan and it's IT team developed a shopping cart two cross two dot coms! RHDJapan and bidJDM can now share a shopping cart for combined orders and maximum price savings on rare JDM direct from Japan!

Why We Are The BEST


We are a private company and value your privacy. We will not share your name, address or any other personal information with anyone online or through any other medium, period.

RHDJapan was created and developed in the heart of Tokyo. Being within one hours drive from Tomei, HKS, Jun, Trust, RE-Amemiya and most other major makers in Japan RHDJapan was able to develop profoundly deep connections in the industry. This is very important because it means RHDJapan is in a position to get parts far faster than the competition. While other guys are out in the sticks hiding behind websites and waiting for your goods to arrive from warehouses thousands of kilometers away, RHDJapan is already boxing and sending your parts out to you. Our address as been independently verified by Verisign when our Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL Certificates) were issued to RHDJapan. More information can be found here FAQ: Extended Validation SSL

RHDJapan holds contracts with qualified tuning mechanics who are also Apexi Certified, HKS Expert and Meister certified tuning shops. This means we have access to parts that cannot be sold by unqualified individuals as well as access to repair services if you need to have something refurbished or refreshed.

RHDJapan holds contracts with parts warehouses. Not only do we stock about 20,000,000 Yen worth of parts here with us when we don't have something we have over 5 other warehouses in the surrounding Tokyo and Osaka areas that we work with from which we can get your parts asap.

We hold contracts with shipping agents other than Japan Post. This means that we can ship you engines, containers, cars, body kits, transmissions and anything else you need. We are a export operation with qualified export agents in house so RHDJapan is not limited to what we can send via EMS.

We do not hide behind our website. You can get all our contact information on our contact us page. If you want to stop by to discuss a dealer program, please feel free to contact us! If you want to call us no problem. Many of you have gotten phone calls from either Patrick or Russell to clarify your orders. Email is fine as well. Any way you would like to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

We are active participants, supporters and sponsors of motor-sports around the world. You can almost always find us at motor shows and races not only watching the races but hanging out with the garages and parts makers who tune and make the parts we sell. This give us direct access to most current parts as well as good tech support should you need help with your parts. We have sponsored countless champion drivers in competitions around the world over the past 10 years. We do this because we love racing, we love Japan and we want to help raise the level of tuning for all around the world.

We have real people working full time for you! We have staff here to check the parts you order for consistency and accuracy as well as update you to the status of each item in the order. We also have full time staff here to check against damage and securely pack your goods. From first email to last tracking number email there are full time staff working around the clock to ensure the speed, accuracy and quality of your order. Rest assured that everything coming with the RHDJapan name on it will be securely, carefully and discretely packaged.

Our promise to you is that price should not be a reason to shop anywhere else. We pride our business on our speed of response and customer service, these aspects to a store have costs you may not be aware of. But we will try to keep our prices as close to the competition as possible. If you have found a product legitimately advertised by a competitor for cheaper shipped to your door let us know and we will do our best to at least match the price for you! We do have an extensive product range available online and it is hard to keep up to date with the latest prices so please help us keep them current by letting us know if a product seems too expensive. Note: Price matching is only applicable to identical conditions of sale. Items on eBay or coming in from overseas or from an international retailer outside of Japan are NOT identical conditions of sale. By contacting us for a price match enquiry we will investigate your claim and if possible match the price for you.

These are a few reasons why RHDJapan is the best out there.

Some of our competition make their prices so cheap that you really get what you pay for. Nothing but the part and a shipping label. No support, no packaging, and no contact.

RHDJapan stands above the rest and is actively striving to better develop and professionalize the industry's export operation, including our own, to ensure that you, the end user, is guaranteed the absolute best quality service and supply of Japanese racing parts from Japan.

We at RHDJapan take motorsports and our customers very seriously and assure you that we will personally inspect all our merchandise, securely package it, promptly ship it, and stand behind it, not because it´s our job, but because it is our passion.

Patrick, Russell and RHDJapan Team
RHDJapan, YK.
Osaka, Japan
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