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Power House Amuse is another top quality craftsman coming out of the tuning hotspot of Chiba Prefecture. Focusing on high quality Computer tuning and creating some of the nicest titanium and carbon fiber products. With performance proven on the track and arguably some of the most asthetic products Amuse will never let down. In addition, Power House Amuse has put the same dedication into releasing ...READ MORE some select aero parts for a handful of lucky vehicles. Going to the next level they are also one of the very few companies that produce dry carbon!
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  1. AMUSE R1 Titan Single Silencer Muffler - S2000 AP1 AP2
    Quick view
  2. AMUSE R1 Titan R1000 Nardo-Spec STTI Muffler - GT-R R35
    Quick view
  3. AMUSE R1 Titanium Muffler - Integra DC5
    Quick view
  4. AMUSE R1 Titanium Muffler Euro 70mm 22W - S2000 AP2
    Quick view
  5. AMUSE R1000-No2 Straight RS 90Spec STTI - GT-R R35 Quick view
  6. Power House Amuse 64 Titan Wheel Nut Set
    Quick view
  7. AMUSE R1 Titan Extra W Muffler - S2000 AP1 AP2
    Quick view
  8. Amuse Dry Carbon Rear Wing - GT-R R35 Quick view
  9. Amuse Dry Carbon Bonnet Street Version - AP1 AP2 S2000 Quick view
  10. Power House Amuse GT1 Demo Car Dry Carbon Bonnet - AP1 AP2 S2000 Quick view
  11. AMUSE Legalo Face Front Canards FRP - S2000 AP1 AP2 Quick view
  12. Power House Amuse R1 Number Stay - Front R35 Quick view
  13. AMUSE R1 Titanium Muffler - Skyline GT-R BNR32 BCNR33 BNR34
    Quick view
  14. AMUSE Titanium Intake Pipe - Fairlady Z Z33 VQ35DE Quick view
  15. AMUSE R1 Adjusting Sus Kit Nissan GT-R R35 Quick view
  16. AMUSE R1000 No.1 Turbine Outlet Pipes Nissan GT-R R35 Quick view
  17. Amuse R1 Titanium Muffler EK9 Civic Type R
    Quick view
  18. AMUSE R1 Titanium Extra Gold Ring Muffler Nissan Z33 CPV35
    Quick view
  19. AMUSE R1 Front Pipe - Z34 Nismo Version Quick view
  20. Amuse Dry Carbon Rear Wing Gurney Flap Spoiler - Z34 370Z Quick view
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