Aerocraft Kaze has been around since 1995 and got their start with the GTO and Z32 vehicles. In the beginning they were based out of a 2 story office that was freezing cold, uncomfortable and in a residential area of Tateyama. This office was not equipped for what Aerocraft Kaze was doing. In 1997 they moved to a new garage out in a more rural area of Chiba, Japan. The new garage was equipped with a paint booth and FRP workshop. From this current garage Aerocraft Kaze prepared their entry to the Tokyo Auto Salon in 1999. Aerocraft Kaze is a Specialist in FRP-made body parts with experience of over 13 years long! They are actively supporting Supras, GTOs, FTOs, Z32s, and Celicas with many original designs.
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  1. Aerocraft Kaze Additional Meter Cover - Supra A170
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