Stradale is one of the few tuning shops located in Gifu prefecture. Although relatively new on the scene for original parts they have been able to design and release a couple high quality niche parts for the machines that they specialize in.
Set Descending Direction

  1. Stradale Shift Boot - FD2 Type R Quick view
  1. Stradale Short Shift Spacer Titanium - FD2
  1. Stradale Shift Boot - AP1 Quick view
  1. Stradale Titanium Suction Pipe Kit - ZC6 ZN6 Quick view

    List Price: ¥52,800

    Sale Price: ¥51,169

    You Save: ¥1,631

  1. Stradale Titanium Front Pipe - BRZ ZC6 86 ZN6
  1. Stradale Center Cross Bar - S2000 AP1 AP2 Quick view
  1. Stradale Shift Boot - BRZ ZC6 86 ZN6
Set Descending Direction

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