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Toda Racing High Power Profile IN Camshaft 288 8.5 - AE101 AE111

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TODA RACING SKU: 111664 PN: 14111-101-031
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This is a replacement Camshaft from Toda, and will greatly improve your engine performance. The listing is for one (1) Camshaft, Different type of the Camshaft are available.
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Brand: Toda Racing
Product: High Power Profile IN Camshaft 288 8.5 - AE101 AE111
Part Num: 14111-101-031

Lead Time: Made to order 3 ~ 4 weeks
Side: Intake
Angle: 288
Lift: 8.5

- When installing the cam, check that there is enough piston to valve clearance for the full operating range of the VVT system.- Cam dowel pin phase angle same as STD AE101.- Cam center angle be based on AE101. (125 deg as cam center angle in default)

- Only for 4A-G 20 Valves Engines.
- In the case that the STD cam pulley is to be used (Intake with VVT function) the following information is required:
-- Toda's 4AG20V IN Camshaft is based on the AE101 engine, so no extra modifications are required. The AE111 engine (Black head cover) can also use this IN Camshaft but may require the following modifications. This is due to the cam dowel pin location on the STD Camshaft. The position of the STD cam center angle when used with the STD pulley of the AE111 engine is 120deg. Toda's Camshaft center angle become 125deg when used with the STD pulley, this may require the Camshaft to be advanced by 5deg. Thoughts wanting to re-time the cam to the manufactures STD central cam timing position, we recommend that you use the two stepped dowel pin (Part Number 14100-111-000).
This new position of the Camshaft advances the timing by the required 5deg (from 125deg up to 120deg as AE111 standard central angle).

- Opening Valve Rate Improved
By improving the opening valve rate via the smooth acceleration and the smoothing of the transition from closed to open the period of time that the valve is open for is greatly improved. So by using the principals of quick but smooth actions more air can be drawn through the engine.

- Non-symmetrical
The cam profile of both the opening and closing phases of the valve lift are not symmetrical, as the closing phase is extended slightly reducing the impact of the valve when it returns to the seat. Making the valve return quietly to the seat, reduces friction, improves reliability and at the same time reduces valve train noise.

- Material Quality
Toda do not only pursue improvements in power output (via, mechanical design) but we also pursue material quality, in particular the relationship between the contact face of the cam, rocker arms and cam followers, so helping to reduce friction further. Toda also conduct research into the thermal process on the surface of the cam.
All this data forms the basis for the production of many prototypes where bench tests are carried out alongside actual racing. With everything done in house there is no room for compromise and so you can only benefit from Toda constant search for improved performance.
Toyota Levin/Trueno AE101 4A-GE (06/1991-05/1993)
Toyota Levin/Trueno AE101 4A-GE (06/1993-05/1995)
Toyota Levin/Trueno AE111 4A-GE (04/1997-07/2000)
Toyota Levin/Trueno AE111 4A-GE (05/1995-04/1997)

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RHDJapan Store Reviews

I purchased this for my s2000, it is better than oem, and a different design also. It is hardened rubber with no gaps like the mugen version or the OEM, and does not squeak like polyurethane

i ordered this exhaust on 5/3/19, excellent quality and very beautifully made, the exhaust has a total of 3 resonators and included a silencer whicjh means noise level was taken into consideration; the exhausts sounds great!

Great spoon lugnuts! Thanks RHDjapan

Great spoon seller! Love that red valve cover! Thanks RHDjapan

I purchased this from RHD Japan because my center bearing was completely shot. I live in the USA, I searched online from Nissan Dealerships, Amazon and they were asking $200 - $300 dollars for this same part number. I installed it, fits perfectly and comes with new washer and mounting nut to center drive shaft. I love RHD Japan because the have the best selection, best service and best price. Generally RHD Japan can ship it to my house in the USA quicker than if I order locally in the USA.

Arigato, RHDJapan!!

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