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Tomei Metal Head Gasket 86.5 1.8mm - CN9A CP9A CT9A

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TOMEI SKU: 147918 PN: 1352865181
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This is made to meet the demands and pressure of the high performance motor through its bead type design. The layout for the beads width and height are based upon the application and is a must for any tuned engine. Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!!
Brand: Tomei
Product: Metal Head Gasket 86.5 1.8mm - CN9A CP9A CT9A
Part Num: 1352865181

- Bore: 86.5
- Gasket Type: Super Grommet
- Material: Stainless Steel

- Head Gasket Structure (Bead Type, Grommet type, Super Grommet Type):
There are several different metal head gasket designs available which vary in sealing, durability and costs.

- Compression Adjustment:
Since the cylinder capacity can fluctuate with the thickness of gasket used, the compression ratio can be adjusted with the thickness of the gasket. The gasket thickness will help with the final adjustments to get your setting closest to the target compression ratio.

- Heat Conductivity of Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel was chosen to be the material of choice to make the Metal Gaskets with because of the heat conductivity efficiency of the stainless steel material to evenly distribute the heat and aid with cooling. This will greatly improve reliability and reduce the chances of problems.

- The Strength of Stainless Steel:
The natural high tensile qualities of Stainless Steel greatly helps with increasing the joint ridged of the cylinder head with the cylinder block. This helps minimize the engine from warping when under severe stress loads that performance engines go through when running high power applications. The result is improved durability and added power gains.

- Maximum Seal:
With the increase in combustion pressure from performance engines in recent years, an enormous burden is placed on the head gasket. To maintain the highest precision possible in a high performance assembled engine strict measurements and maximum sealing Is required with the right torque values on each head studs and bolts are required to keep everything together to gain the most out of your engine.
When bolts are screwed into place, regardless of the bolt type and strength qualities of that bolt, the pressure is always on the first 3 threads of the screw which takes the most stress. If the cylinder block is badly distorted then the screw threads can be damaged as well. Stud bolts with dynamic designs allows the screw bolt to take on equal stress on all threads which will greatly secure maximum sealing pressure for race and airplane engines.

- Note: Values of the sample compression ratios are calculated out based on the factory spec data.Adjustment of the compression ratio must be based on the measurement of the actual engine.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV CN9A 4G63 (08/1996-12/1997)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX CT9A 4G63 (03/2005-03/2007)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V CP9A 4G63 (01/1998-12/1998)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI CP9A 4G63 (01/1999-11/1999)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII CT9A 4G63 (02/2001-12/2002)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII CT9A 4G63 (01/2003-02/2005)

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Good for rb26

This item is required when using TRD bushes, as they are slightly shorter than OEM type. All I can really say is that they are hardened and made from the same rubber as the TRD bushes.

These bushes are often ignored due to the cost and difficulty of replacement, but they shouldn't be. my oem bushes were completely worn and causing significant play and movement, so this upgrade transformed the feel of the rear end - so much so that i had to readjust coilover settings to compensate. In terms of value, it is excellent, as these TRD bushes are the same price if not cheaper than inferior aftermarket oem replacements. Note that the TRD bushes are slightly smaller than others, to accommodate the separate trd bush spacer (washer) that is also required to use these.

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